Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Newt has been turned into a, errrrr, newt
Newt Gingrich continues to try to dig out of the hole into which he’s fallen, calling Rep. Paul Ryan to apologize for comments on Ryan's Medicare overhaul and defiantly appearing on Fox News Channel to push back at the suggestion that his fledgling presidential campaign has suffered a mortal wound.

“I made a mistake,” Gingrich said on
Greta Van Susteren’s program Tuesday evening. “And I called Paul Ryan today who is a very close, personal friend, and I said that. The fact is that I have supported what Ryan has tried to with the budget.”
"Right-wing social engineering" was what the man said. It's a little hard to spin that into support for the plan.
Of course, one thing Newt has managed to accomplish is perhaps the fastest exit in political history.