Friday, May 13, 2011

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Well, this possibly explains a lot about the abrupt separation in the Shriver/Schwarzenegger household. I figured their split had to do with infidelity, but seeing as Shriver is a Kennedy and has much experience with the degradations of Kennedy men, and Arnold has always had a wandering eye, I figured she just turned a blind eye to it. But bringing the herp home? Not cool.
2) Apparently, Ron Paul needs Cialis. (see what I did there?)
3) Shorter Mitt Romney: "Ignore the little man behidn the curtain!"
4) So the "cameras were on/cameras were off" meme has taken a new turn. Here's my take on the "controversy" over the assassination of Osama bin Laden: Can you tell me precisely what you saw every step on the way to your job or class this morning? No? Then shut up about it. Confused things happen in real life. Fictional stories have a clear narrative. Unless they're written by Newt Gingrich or Scooter Libby.
5) I don't know if you've followed the case of the kid banned from his senior prom after he posted a goofy message on the side of the school using cardboard sheets, but it's an interesting case of the letter of the law versus compassion and proportion. I tend to side with school officials: he took enormous risks of injury by taping the sheets to the school, not only to himself but to the people who helped him, as well as the poor janitor who had to take the stuff down. Any one of those people could have injured themselves on school property and then there'd be lawsuits and settlements and all kinds of stuff. Ban his ass, and he can sit in his car outside the prom and wait for his date.
7) Giving oil companies subsidies is a little like asking you to pay sales tax on your income tax.
8) Boy, that's a baggage carousel I would NOT want to be standing by...
9) OK, so it's Friday the Thirteenth. Four planets are in an unusual alignment. Nothing strange could POSSIBLY happen...