Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Gas Prices

One of the most useful sites I've ever found on the Web is Gas Buddy.

So after Katrina, I thought I'd check out NYC gasoline prices, which, while not the highest in the country, tend towards the high end.

In the New York area, the most expensive gas (regular grade, not premium) is $3.49 on Long Island. And climbing.

Meanwhile, Bush, who has been asked by Senator Charles Schumer (a hero of mine) numerous times to alleviate the price crisis in this country, is only "thinking" about releasing parts of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Schumer made this same request back in 2000. Then-President Clinton released 30 million gallons and gas prices tumbled.

What did Bush do when Schumer asked him last year?

He went out and drove oil prices higher by shoring up the SPR.

UPDATE: Grudingly, the White House announced today they would tap the SPR.

Bet you it's nowhere near enough to help and not even close to what Clinton did, which actually *saved* the US a lot of money, as he was able to resupply the SPR at greatly reduced prices.