Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ladies, A Little Help Please?

A 59-year-old American has been drinking breast milk for the past four years in a bid to fight cancer.

Howard Cohen hopes it will boost his immune system and help him fight off his prostate cancer.[...]

Mr Cohen, who has a PhD in theoretical physics, read up on his cancer when he was diagnosed in 1999 and came across a piece of literature by scientists who had killed cancer cells in the laboratory using an ingredient of breast milk.
Now, my prostate is a very dear part of me, and I'm thinking that perhaps there's something to Mr. Cohen's theory.

So as a preventative measure, I'm wondering if we should conduct an experiment to see if breast milk actually prevents prostate cancer.

If you are interested, and can lactate-- even if you can't, I always need the practice-- please come to my nightly auditions:

Le Trapeze
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"A" cups welcome, I don't discriminate.