Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pot To Kettle: "Psst....You're Black!"

Very little commentary here:
The Miss Universe Organization, owned by Trump and NBC, scheduled a news conference Tuesday to discuss Miss USA Tara Conner, who has come under fire amid reports she has visited bars, though she is not yet 21.

In a statement last week, the organization's president, Paula M. Shugart, said officials would evaluate Conner's "behavioral and personal issues to see what we can do to work with her and what we will do about her reign going forward."
And rumours that she's tested positive for cocaine. The issue is, can she be a role model to young American women?

Huh? Donald Trump is lecturing about "role models"???
- Things were so bleak for Trump at this time that in the August 21, 1990 edition of the Jersey Record, columnist Mike Kelly wrote "If we still had debtors' prisons, Trump would be in the dungeon." Kelly added that "Donald Trump is a Third World Nation."

- Creditors who got stuck with the past losses were not as fortunate. Whereas Donald walked away from his empire unscathed, others were forced to take catastrophic writeoffs and losses even up to 2004, when [Fred, his father] Trump refused to continue to back his casino.

- But when it comes to philanthropy, Trump is probably the country's least generous corporate baron. While fellow titans like Bill Gates and David Geffen have used their charitable foundations to make many significant donations, Trump is, by comparison, an absolute cheapskate. The Donald J. Trump Foundation's most recent tax return, filed with the IRS about two months ago, shows that the developer forked over a measly $287,000 in 2002 (down from 2001's $306,000). While those low six figures would be exemplary for an average American, it's a remarkably paltry--not to mention pathetic--sum for someone who's reportedly worth ten figures (in fact, as recently as three years ago, Trump's giving barely topped $160,000). Even the 2001 terrorist attacks couldn't get the attention of the New York native's foundation, which reported no donations to 9/11-related charities.

Some selected quotes:

"All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me - consciously or unconsciously. That's to be expected. "

"When I build something for somebody, I always add $50 million or $60 million onto the price. My guys come in, they say it's going to cost $75 million. I say it's going to cost $125 million, and I build it for $100 million. Basically, I did a lousy job. But they think I did a great job. "
And to boot, he's a teetotaller who sells vodka. So, he preys on people's weaknesses and vices, like gambling, alcohol, and sex, and exploits them for his own personal profit.

Yea. Role model. For a Ferengi.

The most ironic thing in Donald Trump's life?
Carolyn Kepcher, who sat by while her boss Donald Trump dismissed one would-be apprentice after another, has now felt the full force of his iconic phrase: “You’re fired.”

The [N.Y.] Post attributed Kepcher’s firing to excessive self-promotion as a star at the expense of her performance at her day job, an account echoed for The Associated Press by a person close to the situation. The person insisted on anonymity because it was a personnel matter
Must be a lot of mirrors around the Trump residences...

This is by no means to excuse Conner's behavior, if indeed she's been doing cocaine. However, to accuse her of partying too hard in a business that demands she hone her skill in flirting and sexual innuendo strikes me as being, well, a bit disingenuous considering who's pondering the firing.

On the other hand, given how irrelevant beauty pageants have become in this generation (AMEN!), perhaps this was a career move on Conner's part. After all, we all know Vanessa Williams, the disgraced former Miss America, but precious few other winners of these kinds of contests.

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