Monday, January 08, 2007


Spocko's Brain, which has always been a friend to yours truly, had a run-in with Disney over some lame-assed right wing fascist station that they own as part of their radio network.

Using the ridiculously measly excuse of copyright infringement, because Spocko had posted audio excerpts of the hate speech of Melanie Morgan and Brian Sussman (a fair use, we might point out), Disney issued a cease-and-desist letter to the company that was hosting his blog.

Now, many heavy hitters, including Firedoglake and Jesus' General, have taken up Spocko's cause, distributing his files across the Net, practically daring Disney to come after them.

I don't want to be left off this wagon :-)

"Allah is a whore"

"Bomb their mosques!"

"Liberals Should Be Executed" (bonus Ann Coulter appearance!)

"Target Nancy Pelosi For Assassination"

Ad infinitum, as nauseatum...

Cmon, Mickey...bring it!