Thursday, February 22, 2007

This Is Really Stupid

Hillary, you've already said your answer. Now say it the right way:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - It is the vote that will not die, no matter how often Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton explains, defends or takes responsibility for her 2002 decision to back the use of military force in Iraq.

And whether it turns out to be a short footnote or a dead weight on Clinton's White House campaign could be the biggest question in the 2008 Democratic presidential race.

Despite pressure from anti-war Democrats, Clinton has refused to apologize for her U.S. Senate vote authorizing the use of force in Iraq or call it a mistake. The mistakes, she says, were committed by President George W. Bush.
Now, I'm an actor. I'm also a writer. I'm a better actor than I am a writer, something writers have told me every time I tell them how my character should react in a given situation :-)

But let me take a stab at writing your response from now on. Learn it. MEMORIZE IT!
We didn't have the luxury of foresight nor did we have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines. We had to make a choice and to take this weapon out of the President's hands when this nation was clearly under direct assault would have been treasonous. The President misused our trust. He lied to us.

When you give the car keys to your child, who promises not to drink behind the wheel and then crashes the car because he or she was drinking, you can't go back in time and have regrets, you can't say it was a mistake to trust your child. You have to fix the situation, and I will do that when I am President.
Simple. Elegant. Raises the issue of Bush's drunken and deabauching days. Smacks Obama and Edwards, too.

And ends the debate. Period. Even the most far-left moron can follow that logic.