Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Story You Won't Read About In The United States....

....but probably should. It involves brown-skinned people and therefore beneath the mainstream media:
Congo arrest over missing uranium

[...]A large quantity of uranium is reported to have gone missing in recent years, although state prosecutor Tshimanga Mukeba did not reveal any figures.

He told the BBC an "important quantity" of uranium was taken from the nuclear centre and they were investigating.

DR Congo's daily newspaper Le Phare reported that more than 100 bars of uranium as well as an unknown quantity of uranium contained in helmet-shaped cases, had disappeared from the nuclear centre in Kinshasa as part of a vast trafficking of the material going back years.
Hm. Africa. Low security, close to the Middle East and other Muslim states. DR Congo is bordered by Sudan, which has immediate access to the Red Sea.

Anyone see a possible pattern here? True, it's out-of-the-ground, unprocessed uranium, and therefore "relatively" harmless, but truth be told, the way the Pakistanis were helping Iran and North Korea with their nuclear programs, one might be led to believe that the "withdrawal" of so much uranium might be part of a shadow program, one that the United States is most assuredly not monitoring, one that could even be taking place right under its nose, and involve people who are far more hostile to us than a ranting lunatic in Iran who holds little to no power and less authority, and a microcephalic moron in North Korea with delusions of godhood but no real sphere of influence to exert.

To reinforce the point, historically, DR Congo was where the US obtained the uranium that was used in the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In return, the US assisted the Congo in building a nuclear resreach facility and power plant.

So why aren't you reading this in today's newspaper?

Blame her:
Antonella Barba, American Idol contestant, at the microphone