Tuesday, April 10, 2007

As Career Moves Go....

...I'm not sure if this is a good one or a bad one:
"I wanted to do something a little crazy before I graduate and do become a lawyer ... do something kind of out of character," [Adriana] Dominguez said with a grin as she posed for photographer Andrew Einhorn inside his friend's DUMBO apartment.

"Lawyers can be boring," the 24-year-old later added.

But no one will ever call Dominguez buttoned-up.

The brainy blond with Ivy League credentials was looking for a lark last July when she answered a Craigslist ad for women to appear in the Playboy TV series "Naked Happy Girls."

The episode, called "Rock Star and the Lawyer," aired in January - and was barely noticed.

But in the past three weeks, a 45-second clip spread on the Internet among students and some faculty at almost every New York law school.

What makes this really stoopid, is...
Except for her naughty past, Dominguez has plenty to recommend her: she had a fall internship with the domestic violence unit of the Brooklyn district attorney's office and served as treasurer of her law school's Legal Association of Activist Women.
You might think she'd know better.

Then again, no one's lost money baring their breasts for TV or movies. Except maybe Julie Andrews.