Thursday, May 03, 2007

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) I'm not a big fan of rap...I do have a couple of Run-DMC and Eminem tunes on my iPod, but I've always like Busta Rhymes as a personality, so it's sad to see him battling what looks like a very serious substance abuse problem, complicating what appears to be some anger management issues. Good luck, dude.

2) This looks like just the ticket for society today. It's funny how we revel in our shortcomings, but feel a need to cover them up.

3) Which leads me to today's thought: Truth is never profitable. Think about it (and yes, I'm brushing up on my Bokononism). The most profitable ventures in history have been about deceit and illusion.

4) This is a sea serpent found off the coast of Florida in shallow water. It's about seven feet long. The head appears to be just out of frame on the right hand side. I'll see if I can dig up the video for you. UPDATE:

5) Even the folks down in Texas don't want to wall off Mexico!

6) It's nice to see the New York Post being true to form as a homophobic sounding board. They even managed to side-slip the knife into the Catholic church pedophilia scandal, linking it to gay men.

7) Ten Little Indians.

8) Five dollar a gallon gas is just around the corner.

9) "Where In The World Is Matt Lauer?" is taking place this week on the Today Show. For once, it hasn't sucked. He's been to a Boeing plant in Seattle, Bhutan, Ireland, and today, Dubai, all newsworthy places, and has discussed real issues with people who know stuff. Tomorrow: South Africa. (prediction)

10) The weird winter we had --first we had a cold snap, then mild temperatures for nearly two months, followed by an extended cooling down-- has wreaked havoc in gardens all over the place. Tulips and lillies are blomming side by side, and the azaleas are not far behind. All this is happening as both cherry and apple blossoms begin to fade and fall to the ground. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

11) Needless to say, I think my allergies are hammering me, which is why I can't be bothered to think today and post some long screed about Condi Rice's Syria visit, and Bush's offhanding of any Iranian encounter. We really do have children in charge.

12) Martini Republic asks the burning question: which high school classmate has sodomized more people? It may take you a while to realize who the person on the right is, so let me give you some clues: add about a hundred pounds, mounds of body hair, and imagine a 14" dick. Let me know if you can't get it, still.