Monday, June 04, 2007

Bizarre Global Warming News

How long before they come this way?:
HELSINKI (Reuters) - Global warming is bringing more warmer-climate creatures to Finland, including moths that feast on human blood, according to nature researchers.

Insect-watchers are spotting more and more calpe moths in the Nordic country, which used to be considered too cold for the insects from southeast Asia, Finnish nature magazine "Suomen Luonto" (ed. note. Literally, "Nature of Finland") reported in its June edition.

The journal published what it said were the first pictures showing the moths -- calyptra thalictri -- sucking human blood.

The species was first sighted in Finland in 2000, but more than 100 of them have been counted since then, the journal said.
It's not often I get to write something this goofy-yet-scary about my "other" homeland.Lest you think this is some opportunistic moth, preying on open wounds, make no mistake: It's a true vampire. I just hope the notorious Finnish alcohol abuse doesn't kill it off...

There will be a flux of stories about global warming this week, as tomorrow is "World Environment Day" and of course, the G-8 summit in Prague on Wednesday, which will focus on global warming, and Europe's continuing, frustrating struggle to drag Bush by his ear into the 21st Century from the 19th Century Old West.

Among the stories today:

Melting ice, snow to hit livelihoods worldwide: UN

Global warming threatens New Zealand "dinosaurs"

China could lose western glaciers by 2100: Xinhua

Well, there's some pleasant Monday morning reading for you...