Friday, June 15, 2007

Nobody Asked Me But...

1) Apparently, Bush will receive a new infusion of testosterone shortly: The grind's almost over to forge two perfect balls. "Perfect" is about how he needs to be in order to survive with what shread of historical legacy he has in place.

2) NASA used to be the most highly regarded agency in the government. It seemed as though, if you asked them to do something, they got it done. Now, decades after defunding and belittling by conservative budget hawks intent of "war-ifying" America has whittled the budget and manpower to the bare minimum, even problems that we know about have become intractable.

3) Contrast this with the Scooter Libby sentence. Contrast this with the Paris Hilton sentence.

4) Father's Day is Sunday. I have a swim meet to attend with my daughter. What's wrong with this picture?

5) Thirty years ago? Try seven!

6) The best advice my dad ever gave me? Never mix scotch and Coca Cola.

7) Bet you knew nothing about this tragedy. Bangladesh is a critical element in subcontinental affairs.

8) How likely is it that this bill will pass Congress, and that Bush will veto it? I give it about a 75% chance, nearly intact.

9) Lesson for the day: Don't fuck with Mother Nature.