Friday, July 06, 2007

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) The uproar over 7/7/07 and being lucky seems a little silly to me. After all, one year, one month and one day ago, nothing evil happened, yet it was 6/6/6.

2) To give you an idea of just how bad the heatwave in California has been, over the last twelve months, Southern California has received less than one third the rainfall the Sahara Desert receives in a year.

3) Not entirely sure why you'd want to do this, but...AT&T can't be too pleased with it.

4) If you live in one of these towns, consider yourself extremely lucky. Also expect to be inundated with tourists. Welcome to the party, pal!

5) Apparently, even Congressional Republicans can't shut down Al Gore.

6) George Bush accusing Hillary Clinton of hypocrisy is like Satan accusing Job of impatience.

7) Speaking of the Libby commutation, I have yet to hear one responsible voice on the right wing of this country speak out against the hypocrisy of commuting a sentence for a convicted felon.

8) Ah, a good old fashioned Washington sex scandal will deepen. Remember when sex scandals were the obsession for years in DC? How quaint!

9) Speaking of which...she got money for sex? In DC? Pickings must be slim...

10) I may have to move to Belgium...

11) To quote Jon Lovitz' character..."ACTINNNNNNNNNNNG!

12) Men talk as much as women? This study is deeply flawed. They used college kids, which is a little like asking someone on cocaine to do a sleep study. Better they should have asked married men, who have learned to shut up if they want to have sex.

13) Barry Bonds will soon surpass Hank Aaron's career home run record, to go along with his single season mark. Much has been made of steroid use in sport. I'd like to add a couple of observations. First, if you're stupid enough to risk your life (and Chris Benoit stands as Exhibit A in this) for the pursuit of some silly record that will mean nothing in less than a hundred years (what WOULD be the extent of your lifetime), then I'm all for it. But don't come whining to America in ten years about your testicles falling off, or your man boobs. Second, Congress has no business spending hard earned tax payer money investigating this scandal. Period. Americans know what they're getting, no one is getting hurt except the athletes, who presumably know the risks going in, whether they take steroids or not, and those who interact directly with them, who also have a choice to opt out. Better you should impeach the motherfucker in the White House than spend a dime more grandstanding.

14) World's Funniest Obituary. You get the feeling the reporter got the clap from this guy. (h/t Agitprop)

15) Finally, courtesy of MissCellania, I have this for your entertainment:
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