Thursday, August 02, 2007

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) First, it was terrorist squirrels. Then, it was spy squirrels arrested in Iran. It seems like there's an entire subculture on the planet made up entirely of squirrels engaged in criminal behavior.

2) What if FDR ran World War II the way Bush has run the Iraq invasion? (h/t MissCellania)

3) It's bad enough that the administration is doing stuff on the QT, but the courts ought to know better than to be complicit in the Bush crimes. Yes, this is a secret what?

4) Apparently, I'm too mellow, according to some of my critics.

5) Overly dramatic presentation aside-- come on, Barack, pauses are for children, unless you have some new bit of data to convey. We all knew you meant to exclude civilians-- Obama's statement regarding nukes was on its face a pretty moderate one, but Hillary seems determined to drive Obama onto her turf by making him seem to mimic the positions of any hack politician. She's doing a good job, too.

6) Wal-Mart's likely to take a hit on this. The old adage, you get what you pay for, is true. That Wal-Mart has made billions off the sweat of low-paid Chinese workers, and those same factories now appear to have been run on an even tighter shoe string, means that Wal-Mart will now have to go back and reconsider all products that it outsources to China, as well as all vendors. The last thing they'd want is people dropping dead in their aisles.

7) Sharight! Run another one past us, Rupert!

8) Let's put up a hat trick of annoying, hated corporations, shall we? If I walk out my office right now, one block in any direction, I can get a Starbucks coffee...if I was that insane, could take out a second mortgage for a cup, and if I felt like spending the rest of the day getting that god-awful bitter taste out of my mouth. Apparently, that might change in the future.

9) First, it was the rhinos, then it was the sharks...

10) Hm. It seems I haven't been keeping up...

11) First, it was Genesis. Then it was The Police...

12) Happy anniversary to me.