Friday, August 17, 2007

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Could you ever have imagined that K-Fed might be a better parent than Brittney?

2) Of course, naturally, I have a solution: put the kids in foster care. Michael Jackson's got time on his hands...

3) Enough celeb crap. I'm a knight! I never get invited to the cool castle seiges!

4) One more reason sanctions against Cuba should be lifted. My God, she's a widow AND an American!

5) Could you spare a moment of sympathy for Hawaii? I know it's Hawaii and all, and so the envy of the world, earthquake AND hurricane on the same day is no fun.

6) This says it best:

7) Last week it was floods. This week, Mother Nature shook things up a bit.

8) And storms. Don't forget storms!

9) Money changes everything?

10) Hm. This combines my two favorite activities...looks like I can extend my athletic career after all!

11) This is really scary. Family Security Matters is a wing of the Center For Security Policy, an uber-neo-con think tank that boasts of Dick Cheney as a former board member. It's so far out that FSM took it down when a hue and cry was raised about making Bush President For Life, but that's the least scary part!