Friday, September 21, 2007

Nobody Asked Me, But...

Special God Help Bless America edition

1) Suing God? I understand the point behind this, an attempt to expose frivilous lawsuits, but come on...suing Bush would have the same effect for most people, and be a damned lot safer!

2) On a related point: Best. Picture. Of the Week.

3) Iraq: "Oh Blackwater, Keep On Rollin'"

4) Note To Mayor Bloomberg: I happily accept donations for my run for NotPresident, and they aren't subject to campaign finance laws! altho they aren't tax deductible, either So give generously!

5) To understand how bad things are in the Bush economy, for the first time in thirty years, the Canadian dollar is worth more than the US dollar.

6) Soon, we'll have people in Burkina Faso sending us foreign aid.

7) If you want to understand why New York Democrats are licking their lips over a potential Rudy Giuliani nomination, look no further. Keep in mind that the last time they went head to head, Giuliani had to drop out rather than be embarrassed by a carpetbagger, who is now much more formidable in red-state regions.

8) Good on you, Dan. We all know those memos are not only accurate, but genuine. Payback's a bitch, but you should have sued for an amount that would make CBS think twice before becoming any administration's bitch again.

9) MEMO: To Barack Obama: you can spin this all you want, but you punked out, and we will remember.

10) Imagine the uproar from the right if Muslims had prevented Jews from praying at the Wailing Wall tonight.

11) Turning now to Obvious Sports News...

12) By the way, I'm putting the Mets on notice: I have tickets to Game Three of the LDS, and if you fuckers aren't playing by then, I will send a strongly worded letter to the New York Times.

13) Republicans! Soon, you may have to drink your martinis at room temperature.

14) And yet, they still mock "Hillarycare".

15) I may have found a new candidate for the Democrats to run. I'd vote for her on this proposal alone.