Friday, October 05, 2007

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) So he now has 50 cents?

2) In all seriousness, while Ron Paul appeals to me in a sort of renegade way, I don't trust him, and since he's running as a Republican, I think I have good reason not to. I get a sense out in Blogtopia (© Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo) that there are a number of lefties who would consider him, but they could also be cleverly concealed right wingers.


4) And heyyyyyyyyyyyy here on Actor212 Radio W-A-S-S, we have a special shoutout to Miss Cellania...seriously, lest you think Oxycontin is a problem only for overweight bloviating right wing "talk" show hosts who are afraid to face anyone with a responsible opposing opinion, not so much.

5) Finally, a pepper sauce hot enough for my tastes!

6) Possibly the saddest sports related story of the year. Not for the victim or what happened to her, but for the country at large. Role models are harder to come by these days.

7) I got a suggestion, Big Dog: Keep a low profile, and rebuild that bridge to the 21st Century.

8) The clock is ticking. You've been warned. Might amount to nothing, but it might be tragic.

9) It's only a game, folks! But this is obscene from a cultural standpoint.

10) This is just wrong. JUST. WRONG! I expected better from Will Smith.

11) It's getting so philanderers everywhere will have to stop giving expensive gifts to get laid.

12) Say it with me, everyone: Nobel Prize Winner Al Gore. The only thing sweeter would be to add "former President" to that title.

13) I wonder if there's an orangutan Christian Coalition, and do they know about this?

14) It is nice to know that orangutans and I have something in common, tho.

15) She must have some big-ass tits.

16) OK, I apologize. I should have said hooters.

17) Say goodbye to Fred Thompson: