Friday, October 26, 2007

Nobody Asked Me, But....

1) Unnecessary admission of the year. While it's nice that Rowling made that admission, I sense (maybe I read it in my crystal ball) there's a certain amount of pandering here. After all, she's written all seven books now, she has nothing to lose, and perhaps she is merely extending here fifteen minutes?

2) It was a rough week for Rudy Giuliani. But it's going to get a lot rougher!

3) It won't make a whit of difference, since Bush has all but disavowed the World Court, but it's nice to see someone with balls out there, even if they have to be French to have them.

4) Don't worry! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

5) I'm pondering whether to attend a fund raiser for an upstate Congresswoman that I've been invited to. The reason I'm on the horns (normally, I'd just donate a couple bucks and leave it at that) is that Nancy Pelosi will be there. If I went, what should I ask her, assuming I can ask just one question? I have some ideas, but I'm open to suggestion. (I'll post my ideas in comments)

6) Once more, Bush shows his vicious side. It was a smart move by Democrats to add the LHEAP to the SCHIP bill, but now that Bush will have vetoed it twice, what are they going to do now, especially since...

7) ...Oil has gone through the roof?

8) LUCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! You got some 'splainin to do!

9) I suspect this will shortly be a new paradigm on YouTube.

10) Did Larry Craig have sex with a DC boy toy? You decide. (Warning: verrrrry graphic details)

11) Is Fox afraid their viewers might get confused and suddenly realize Fox IS the Republican National Committee?

12) And Hillary got her licks in on Rudy last night.

13) Careful with that!

14) Holy crap The telling statistic?

For what it’s worth, the overall numbers show Hillary Clinton at 45%, Rudy Giuliani at 35%, and Colbert at 13%.

The other match-up shows Clinton at 46%, Thompson at 34% and Colbert at 12%.

Meaning, Colbert is eating away REPUBLICAN VOTERS more than Democrats! Could it be that people take his show seriously?