Friday, December 21, 2007

Nobody Asked Me, But....

Special Horny Holiday Edition

1) Humping sidewalk

2) Humping Santa (h/t to not_over_it)

3) Humping a bicycle.

4) HOLY SHIT! There really IS a Giant Rat Of Sumatra!

5) Talk about a bitch slap!

6) I guess things run in a family way in the Spears' family. You know about the teen pregnancy of Britney's younger sister. Did you know mother Lynne has the chutzpah to write a book about parenting? Who's teaching her?

6) I'm trying to figure out how she kept the dress from falling apart.

7) Hillary. Obama. John. It really doesn't matter who wins Iowa, New Hampshire, or even South Carolina. The December 31 fund-raising numbers, counting cash on hand, will pretty much decide who the nominee will be. The smart money is on Hillary.

8) More evidence the bird flu is mutating.

9) Just in time for....well, one holiday, the Menorah Christmas tree! I'm sending one to Bill O'Reilly next year.

10) Speaking of which, personal circumstances this year dictated that I was unable to write yet another Christmas novel. I guess next year.

11) Bet they needed dogs to sniff out these crooks....


Actually, this isn't that funny. There's a cholera epidemic in Uganda, which is why these folks were arrested.

12) Um...who? Why was I not nominated?

Next Week: Special Year End Edition. My favorite stories of 2007.