Friday, May 16, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Edwards endorsing Obama is little more than a step up from an endorsement by Justin Timberlake. If Edwards was relelvant, he'd have more than 19 delegates.

2) Reason #412 to own a Mac.

3) Nearly 125,000 dead in Asia this week alone.

4) Yet this irrelevant jackass is getting the full brunt of the front pages of America???

5) That said, I believe the "appeasement" flap was political cover for John McCain.

6) I suppose it depends on what your definition of "victory" is, eh, Senator?

7) That said, I think this might not be a smart move on Obama's part. There's an old saying in politics that, when your opponent is beating himself, don't give him a hand up.

8) Maybe there's some backbone in the Senate yet?

9) Or maybe not. What annoys me most about the farm bill is that the subsidies that either party, including the President, has proposed are the wrong ones. There's no reason for corn subsidies in this age of skyrocketing corn prices.

10) Obama could lead the way against the subsidy bill, always, HE DUCKED THE VOTE!

11) Oops! And summer driving season begins in earnest next Friday!

12) Can I have this guy's job? Please?