Friday, May 30, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Them's some big-ass headstones, I tell you whut...

2) This WAS supposed to stop happening, after the tragedy earlier this year.

3) One question: why? And I ask that as someone who has actually appeared on the show!

4) I'm not sure, but I think this is one of those times I would just make the victim comfortable until the end...unless he was really fucking cute!

5) The story that STILL hasn't appeared in ANY New York City newspaper, three days later! I can't imagine why... Paging Larry Niven! Larry Niven! Filming to begin on "The Jigsaw Man" any moment now!

6) As life imitates art, so once again does MicroSoft imitate Apple. Dudes, stop buying and start building, mmmmmmmmmmmK?

7) Do you want to bet that Bush's position here will basically be "let 'em grow more food"?

8) Traffic is so bad in major American cities that more than a quarter of drivers give up and go home.

9) This was a tough week for icons of 1970s TV and movies.

10) Here we go again! Another Obamber preacher in hot water, forcing Obama to once again repudiate someone who's support he not only accepted, but sought out. WTF?

11) See for yourself. You know, the bit would actually have been funny if it had been in a comedy club, but watch the choir, and tell me these folks don't hate white people:

And Obombers? Tell me this one is taken out of context...go on!