Friday, June 13, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Here it is, folks, George Bush's legacy!

2) Will Iowa ever float again?

3) This story may ultimately turn out to be far more important to you and me than even the election. The corn crop in Iowa and Indiana is devastated, flooded and ruined, and that could mean that scenes like this in Ethiopia and Haiti could happen in America.

4) But hey, what do we care about the brown people? Madonna's brother is writing a tell-all!

5) Talk about a sore loser! We're only about halfway through the year and my prediction that Africa would be one of the top ten stories of the year seems to be coming true.

6) If China and Taiwan can come to an understanding and shake hands, why are we still embargoing Cuba?

7) Mortgage foreclosures were up 48% in May!

8) Barack Obama has been forced to put up a website to counteract the rampant rumours flying about him and his wife. Called Fight The Smears, it was precipitated primarily by the rumour that Michelle uttered the "w" word from the pulpit of the very same church that Obama listened to hate-mongering from Revs. Wright and Pfleger.

9) Since so many words have been *koffkoff* misinterpreted from there, maybe they ought to perform an exorcism at that pulpit? Just a thought.

10) My only issue with the website is that the people Obama needs to reach with it don't necessarily have Internet access, and so will only hear word-of-mouth and from the radio and the TV. He needs to find a way to reach these people, mostly white working class voters. Oh. Oops.

11) Question: Is a bear Catholic? Did the Pope shit in the Bush?

12) What should have been an historic and exciting series is turning into a rout.

13) Was there a concerted effort to stop Hillary in the DNC? Apparently, the rules and bylaws committee was selectively excluding Florida and Michigan and should have excluded Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire as well!

14) Goodbye, Tim Russert, you fat misogynist toady who worked for the only network that was clearly in Barack Obama's pocket from the get-go. I hope you choke on a beef on weck in hell.