Friday, July 18, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But....

1) Al Gore. Who would have figured I would be ahead of HIS curve on greening? A few weeks back, I mentioned that America should commit to an Apollo-like project on renewable energy sources, and here's the Should-Be President picking up my idea and running with it!

2) In fairness, most of McCain's have to take Viagra before polling.

3) Now if he'd only speak out for the poor of Zimbabwe.

4) MEMO to Benedict XVI: we could start in the southern United States!

5) It is safe, I repeat, it is SAFE to eat tomatoes again!

6) Unless you believe the Bush administration is a bunch of political hacks who will do just enough to get by and no more.

7) Maybe if they'd have bothered catching the bastard, people would care more.

8) Compared to this, losing $2 billion in a quarter don't sound so bad!

9) Obama raised $52 million in June. That's the good news. The bad news is, by his own campaign's admission, he will need between $250 and $300 million to win the general election and that means he'll need to raise about $150 million in the six to eight weeks after Labor Day.

10) He's going to find it especially hard if he keeps dissing places like Florida.

11) Obama's probably going to have to spread himself thin this fall, or risk ending up having people introduced at rallies like "And now, here is the brother of the tailor of Barack Obama's advance strategy chief!"

12) How does a state, any state, live with itself when one-quarter to one-third of its residents are grossly overweight???? I'm sorry, that's utterly disgraceful!

13) Or udderly, for you wiseasses out there...