Monday, July 28, 2008

OK, But Where Do You Have Cancer Again?

From The Chicago Sun Times:
Chicago Sun-Times columnist Robert Novak said today he has been diagnosed with a brain tumor but says that, “God willing,” he plans to be back at work soon.

Novak said he was diagnosed Sunday with a tumor and will soon begin treatment at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.
Presumably the surgery will be performed by a proctologist. Of course, noninvasive procedures for this kind of cancer in Republicans exists, including a high fibre diet or an enema.

Which would still count as noninvasive given how often they bend over for their dark lords.

It's interesting that a) this happens less than a week after his run-in with a pedestrian in DC cost him a $50 ticket, plus whatever penalties the judge decides to give in any civil trial and b) this happens hard on the heels of the Ted Kennedy cancer revelation.

In Massachussetts. Mere miles from the Kennedy compound.

Seriously, while the guy is an unprincipled, tea-bagging lying sack of shit who probably ought to have had that overbite looked into years ago, I don't want to see anyone suffering from cancer.

That would be wrong of me.

(whistling..."If lovvvving you is wrong...I don't want to be right"...)