Friday, August 29, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Obama finally made a speech I can relate to.

2) I'm terribly concerned that we have nominated this year's Michael Dukakis, a bloodless, emotionless drone. Obama has been clinical and devoid and bereft of any emotion, even aloof. Until last night. Apparently, he hired Hillary's speechwriter, finally.

3) On the eve of the Republican Convention, there has been lip service paid to postponing it until after Gustav hits New Orleans.

5) The governor of Alaska? OK, she's a babe, but does McCain seriously think she'd draw Hillary voters?

6) The poon is out there. It's ironic he currently plays a character who has a, um, sex addiction.

7) In inflation news...What food is seeing the fastest rise in price? Rat.

8) I guess the Vatican wanted nun of this.

9) The solution? Build a better fly-swatter.

10) Or yust go fukkin nutz! (Yea, these be my peeps!)