Friday, September 05, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But....

1) John McCain gave a speech last night: "HEY! YOU KIDS! GET OFF MY LAWN!"

2) Prediction: The Republican Party is so bereft of ideas and policies, and more important, fresh blood, that they've trotted out Sarah Palin for a cup of coffee on the national political scene in the hopes she can run against Obama in 2012.

3) John McCain just flat out looked old last night. Ronald Reagan, no matter how much we made fun of his age, never acted this lethargic when he took center stage. Game over.

4) I've been accused at various blogs I visit of politicizing Palin's kids. I'm not. As I've posted here already, I am examining the claims of a self-professed "hockey mom" to be fit to lead a nation in a time of crisis, because indeed, what would make her take over the Presidency BUT a crisis? If you're going to trot out your disabled child as a symbol of your compassion, that compassion is fair game. If you're going to trot out your daughter's decision (your own words) to signal your commitment to principle, then the principles that child was taught are fair game. Again, a pitbull would have chaperoned her daughter if she felt this strongly about family morals and values. My dad did it with my sister, and with me on my first few dates.

5) You know who was a "community organizer"? Jesus. The appropriate response of Obama should be this:
Community organizers step in when there's a problem and government turns its back on the people. I thought that's what America was all about: roll up your sleeves and fix the problem yourself?

Epic fail, GOP!

6) Suddenly, Hillary extending the primary season seems like a GOOD idea!

7) Arguably the dumbest commercial I have ever seen.

8) Jack Abra-who, now? Four years, huh? I'm guessing Patrick Fitzgerald couldn't break him. I'm sure he has a cushy job waiting for him in 2013.

9) I'm not sure this is the answer to Obama's troubles...he really owes states like Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio a personal apology for his abhorrent behavior...but it's a start.

10) If you picked 6% or higher, you WIN! And lose.

11) They'll be able to use a similar headline on November 5.

12) I know how they felt.

13) Remember the old days, when a bachelor party meant hookers and beer?

Don't tase me, bro! This is Carl signing out.


(h/t to Memeorandum for showing the love to this post)