Friday, October 10, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) The soft bigotry of low expectations. Why did I know McCain would be this desperate?

2) You keep playing that one note on the kazoo, Johnny! You'll fall so far behind, I anticipate that by October 19, you'll have Sarah Palin doing interviews topless on Howard Stern.

3) Between Uncle Ted's pickle and Troopergate, this will be a bad day in Palinville.

4) Sarah probably understands now how Bristol felt just before the little dot turned blue.

5) If you are still on the fence about McCain and Obama, and few of you here are, or if you have friends who are still struggling to make sense of it all, Consumer Reports has a great article contrasting their health care plans.

6) Sorry. As a Finn, I have to crow a little. I figure he enforced the peace by threatening to feed them lutefish.

7) "So...what are you wearing, comrade?"

8) Term limits was, and is, a stupid concept. Period. End of discussion.

9) Oh CANADA! Apparently, conservatives all around the world can't keep their peckers in their pants!

10) Listen, the world may seem like it's crumbling, the government may be totally unresponsive to your needs, and even the dolphins may have had enough, please, just...