Friday, November 14, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Someone explain to me why this mother is on TV, instead of in jail for child neglect? 
2) We call this "beating a dead President to death." Oswald. Gun. Window. Nuff said.
3) Remind me, who was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, again?
4) NEWSFLASH: Conservative talk radio exploits fear. And terror. No wait, they're THREE chief weapons are...
5) Want to visit anciet Rome? Google it.
7) This week's episode of Rednecks Gone Wild!
8) Why is Bush holding this summit? I mean, the summit needs to be held, but why can't the President be there instead?
9) Ground control to Major Dick.
10) Man kills wife...from beyond the grave!
11) How big is the shitpile? This big.