Friday, November 21, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) I've followed hockey most of my life. I like to think of myself as fairly knowledgable about both the sport and the business. I can name the backup goaltender for the Calgary Flames (McElhinney), and I try to keep up with trends in hockey. I never, ever, got wind of the fact that Hockey Night In Canada has a simulcast in Punjabi.

2) Of course, I wish Michael Mukasey all the best, even if he's one of them.

3) Al Franken seems to be closing on Norm Coleman in the Minnesota Senate race, but I suspect this one lands in the courts before Franken takes a seat.

4) Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Bush Legacy.


5) Y'know, I'd be all for letting the automakers fail, but for the fact that one of the few remaining viable unions is the UAW, and the thing we need more of, not fewer, is unions. A bankruptcy would void the latest contract and allow the automakers to walk away from pension and health care obligations. People worked their entire lives for the promise of a comfortable and healthy retirement.

6) Remember how the right wing went nuts when a few intrepid folks investigated Joe The Plumber? Wonder how loud they'll be this time...

7) How sad is the state of health care in America when this is legitimized? Nothing against either India or its doctors, but come on!

8) I have to wonder about how panicked people are when Citibank, who hasn't asked for a dime of bailout money...yet...and has deep pocketed investors in Saudi Arabia has to sink to this level to raise its stock price.

9) Oh Canada!?!?!?!?! Sorry, I disagree with this. Take two, buy two, and maybe the national insurance should pick up the second one if it's disability-related.

10) Where there's ice, there's water, and where there's water, there's life.

11) NOTE: NOT for the faint of heart. Ignore Palin. Watch the background about a minute in: