Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Chattering Monkeys

1. Amen, Paul Krugman. Marry me.
Update: I see this link now takes you to that page that makes you sign up and stuff.
For all you proles that don't do that sort of thing (and by "you" I mean "me"), the
article is entitled Forgive and Forget? and it's good, as usual. Here's my synopsis:
-Hey, Mr. Hope and Change, investigate and prosecute Wrong-doers. It was a big
mistake to NOT do that after Iran/Contra, as those same dooshes just continued
their ride in the limo of Wrong-doingness once they procured their new hood
ornament, " W". Partisanship, shmartisanship. Rule of law, bitchez.-
I would like to add that my pick for special prosecutor is Vince Bugliosi.
I have so few opinions on the subject. Mhm.

2. This is pretty kewl. Great scenery, too.

3. It was a part of this show. Historian Simon Schama on Bill Moyers.
He's got some fancy pants 4 part series on BBCAmerica starting on Jan. 19.
The American Future: A History.
Watch it or be doomed.

4. I love the Thom Hartmann show. Every Friday, he has my favorite Senator,
Bernie Sanders (even though I'm not from Vermont) taking phone calls from
listeners during the first hour. Then, during the second hour, we usually get to
hear from Dr. Ravi Batra, who has been right about, well, everything to do with this
current Greenspanocolypse kerfluffle that threatens to turn us all into hobos.
I am currently wading through this piece of his. Some light weekend reading.

5. The Sustainable Table has some most excellent features that you may enjoy.
If nothing else, go over there and watch the Meatrix. Or else.