Friday, February 13, 2009

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) The city of Gloucester, MA has come up with what I think is an unique solution to trash collection. Charge per item. Think about this for a second before you go ballistic. It only costs $2 a bag. You have to use the "Offcial" (sic) bag, or the trash collectors won't.
Let's assume that there is no other funding provision for trash pickup. Charging you $2 to buy an official bag which guarantees pickup is small beer. You buy a hundred, which should last you the better part of a year. You pay for the service you use, in other words. Too, it now becomes part of your purchasing decisions, and might even make you think twice about buying something that you're only going to toss in the trash later. You'll see a direct connection between how much your trash costs and how much you actually throw out.
2) How tough are times? Municipalities are going to charge inmates for toilet paper.
3) And to think Bush didn't like stem cell research. How about a cure for HIV, folks?
4) OK, then, how about a cure for the common cold?
5) Truth in advertising? Maybe she ought to have been clearer that she actually hadn't swum the entire distance. Or maybe the reporters really ought to have listened to the captain more carefully.
6) You decide: Photoshopped or is the pot-o-gold missing?
7) You wouldn't think it was possible, but Microsoft really DID find something new from Apple to copy.
9) Maybe they should name the kid Bristol Palin?
10) Oh what a dilemma for orthodox Hindus: stay faithful to the religion or drink Coke?