Friday, April 24, 2009

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Apple has been criticized by app developers in the past for how tightly they regulate both the platform distribution and apps, as well as the long slow process of approving apps for its computers and especially the iPhone. This is what happens when Apple listens to a bunch of mealymouthed babies.

2) "The Party Of No". I like it! It sums up the patrician attitude of the GOP to a T.

3) Just when you thought bird flu might be the problem...

4) Myrtle Beach is burning. And it's not even Spring Break. I get the sense there is going to be a massive drought along the eastern seaboard this summer.

5) The infighting on the marginalized right wing is ramping up. When you have the acknowledged pioneer rightwing kook calling another rightwing kook(ier) a "Eurofascist", all hell is breaking loose. (WARNING: right wing link)

6) Randi Rhodes returns. Ladies, bounce your boobies!

7) If I had written a novel about a major political party so marginalizing themselves, they ended up battling just to stay on the ballot in all fifty states, I would definitely include this chapter.

8) But I would ABSOLUTELY include this!

9) Hey, look...good babysitters ain't cheap, you know!

10) It looks more and more like we are not alone.