Friday, May 08, 2009

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) California is on fire again. I offer my prayers to fellow Finn and fellow blogger Cookie Jill of Skippy's place and her own Cookies In Heaven.

2) Totally Expected Item #1: Manny Ramirez of the Los Angeles Doddgers baseball team tests positive for steroids use.

3) Totally Expected Item #2: Scumbag cop Drew Peterson arrested for murder. Unexpected twist: it wasn't for Lacey's murder.

4) Not Wholly Expected, But Welcome Nonetheless News: The crown of the Statue of Liberty is to reopen to the public on a limited access basis. I climbed this as a kid. It's long, the stairs are narrow and steep, so much so that there are built in benches for people to sit on. When access was freely available, the lines could stretch all the way down the pedestal, so seats were quite welcome. The plan now is to allow 30 people an hour to climb.

5) I think the Pakistani government is starting to get it.

6) OK, I admit it. As a lifelong Trekker, I was dreading the release of this movie. But I'll probably skip Mom's Day and go see it.

7) This is a curious development for an Obama administration that worked so hard to convince us of its religious cred.

8) This is a critical element of climate assistance. Pass it now.

9) I had bet on a 10% unemployment rate by year's end. I suspect I may have framed a too-long view.

10) So young and still so beautiful. I know she's not Marilyn, but imagine if Marilyn had lived to be 60. I'm pulling for you, Farrah.

Wait. That didn't come out quite right...