Friday, May 29, 2009

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) If Sonia Sotomayor is held up for questioning based on her ethnic ties, then Antonin Scalia should be impeached unless he renounces his Knights of Columbus membership.

2) It's nice to see that cooler heads may prevail, but the response still needs to be forceful and certain.

3) We forget that people like Kim and Ahmadinejad were, like Republicans, waiting to test the mettle of Barack Obama. And yes, I just included the GOP in the Axis of Evil.

4) Californians may have dealt Prop 8 a death blow, but never fear, friends of Dorothy, the time will come.

5) Two words, Mr Ex-President: shut up and go away. OK, four words, which is three more than should have been wasted on you in the year 2000.

6) "Alas! Poor Yorick...I knew him when he stole the Tardus, Horatio."

7) I'm guessing Wikipedia is not ready for the fight they just picked. Not that Scientology is anything I endorse, just that they have a reputation for, um, some pretty nasty shit.

8) It looks like Sy Hersh was right about those rape rooms at Abu Ghraib.

9) I was firmly in the camp with respect to releasing these new photos. Now, I think we have to rethink that. I still lean towards releasing them, but given the highly inflammatory nature of the pictures, we ought to think about the victims of the rapes, their privacy and how this might affect them.

10) I don't think deep fried apples count as "healthier food."