Friday, September 18, 2009

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) I've said it before and I will say it again: swine flu may end up being the single biggest factor in creating national healthcare.
2) The look on the co-anchors face is priceless. Of course, this is on a FOX outlet...
3) I had a feeling that Obama scrapping the Bush missile shield was the precursor for something much more important. Thie shield was ill-advised and ill-conceived and would have done precious little to protect Europe.
4) Also on the foreign affairs front, is it possible that Obama might end up truly being the saviour that he was mocked as during the general election?
5) Given the sudden irrelevancy of Ann Coulter, perhaps Beck on the cover of Time is the best thing that could happen, despite the similar fawning treatment he is being given?
6) Prediction: ACORN will quietly be re-funded before the summer recess 2010.
7) Maybe they installed a spine?
8) You know, if you read this headline uncarefully, you might think there's a story about space porn here.
9) Cthulhu for kids. Also, a cologne. Also. What's Cthulhu? Think Flying Spaghetti Monster, only cooler.
10) ThumbPer, my polydactyl kitteh who loves water, has competition.