Friday, October 16, 2009

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) I want you to ponder this: Tens of millions of people around the world watched an empty balloon flying. For two hours!!!!!

2) What is WRONG with these people???????? I don't mean the Heenes, whom I believe were not staging a hoax, but with this fucking nation of mindless moronic yahoos watching a bag of fucking gas????

3) On to more prosaic topics...Mr President, the time has come: you MUST, this weekend, come out in support of the public option. Period. End of discussion. You are our last hope, our last stand.

4) Failing that, I would like to see Congress revoke the anti-trust exemption that insurance companies enjoy. Japan has private health care, 3,000 insurance companies vying for business, and caps costs. Here, an insurance company can revoke coverage from an entire class of patient simply because one gets too sick to be profitable. Odd that the only newspaper covering this story is the Sun Myung Moon's Washington Times.

5) Did you know space has weather? Well, sort of. Weather on earth and other planets with an atmosphere is largely due to differences in atmospheric pressure. Guess what space has?

6) This might be one of those useless bits of trivia you never needed to know, but that some scientist was paid to uncover. Funny thing is, it will likely affect you in the near future.

7) Think the bailout solved our banking problems? Guess again!

8) Serial goat blower Mickey Kaus visited Albany, NY yesterday. At least he knows how to show a goat a good time.

9) Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't laws against miscegenation illegal? I'm thinking the judge is up for re-election in his parrish and probably wanted to be on the safe side of this issue. Solution? Disbar him.

10) Fort Lupton, CO, even now I can remember 'Cause the Colorado River, Goes smokin' through my dreams