Friday, October 02, 2009

Nopbody Asked Me, But...

(ed. note: Yea, I know, I misspelled "Nobody" but I can't change it or else the link gets hosed. I blame the wine.)

1) In not unexpected news, serial misogynist David Letterman admitted to banging his staff like a cheap drum. All puns intended.

2) I think it's safe to say that Micro$oft has lost its way. When will Gates step back in?

3) The Nobel Prizes will be awarded next week. Will Bob Dylan win in literature? I think he's a slam dunk, but then this is Scandinavia...

4) If this poll had been posted about the last President, you can bet there would have been mass round-ups of the voters and internment in prison camps, overseen by Michelle Malkin.

5) Finally, a financial story one can sink one's teeth into, complete with shady bankers, conspiracies involving high government officials and yes, sex. Well, not sex, actually...

6) This fucking idiot helped the dollar fall on the foreign exchange markets yesterday with her inane...ok, insane questioning of Ben Bernanke...about ACORN! Way to stay classy, Mickie!

7) My teeth grind from the stupidity.

8) This is the first piece of computer hardware to excite me since the original iPhone. Rumours are rumours, but this one seems more and more realistic.

9) So, imagine riding your bicycle for 25 hours. From 10 AM Saturday to 10AM Sunday. In a frog costume. In Utah. I'm sorry...which part of that seemed surreal to you? (MissC, feel free...)

10) Darth Vader has a breakdown on the M1.