Friday, January 29, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) What to make of this: Osama bin Laden giving financial advice? Presumably, smarter people than me are taking note of this, and thinking what I'm thinking, that Al Qaeda's next target will strike right at the heart of the American financial system. Maybe he saw Die Hard With A Venegeance?
2) Nooooooooooooooooo! Really? Where the fuck were you when we were bankrupting the national treasury for this foolishness?
3) Legitimate complaints about the iPad are starting to roll in. And some criticism that is just silly, jealous, and bitter. One thing is undeniable: no other company on the planet could stop traffic with a product roll-out the way Apple did.
4) I'm surprised he didn't blame "sugar-titted Jews." 
5) Apparently, President Obama reads Simply Left Behind.
7) Recession? What recession? So corporate America is making money hand over fist, while 10%, maybe 20%, of Americans struggle for jobs.
But hey, let's blame the President and not the greedy fucking economic royalists who squeeze every last living dime out of a dying populace!
8) There's just something....uneasy making...about this headline: Anne Hathaway Collects Hasty Pudding
9) We're Number One! (Well, sort of...) USA! USA! USA!
10) That's not a shahk! This is a shahk!