Thursday, February 18, 2010

Get Ready For Some Blowback

"Jesus was gay"

Not that this is that remarkable a story on its own merits. Elton John is entitled to whatever opinion he wants to form, and I'm OK with that. And it's not like he's demonstrably wrong. There's no real proof Jesus wasn't gay, just as there's no real proof that Jesus was straight or married, as others have postulated.

The simple fact is, Jesus was an adult Jew in a culture that taught men should be married by adulthood who publicly seemed to prefer the company of His Apostles to that of any woman except Mary Magdalene, to whom He first makes Himself known after His resurrection.

A case could be made that He was gay. A case could also be made that He was married to Mary (after all, who would you want to visit first if you resurrected?)

No, what's extraordinary about this comment by Sir Elton is the venue: Parade Magazine, a publication intended for rock ribbed Republicans to read after Sunday services!