Friday, March 19, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) The weather in New York City is spectacular. Spring has been very kind so far, and it's not even started yet. I love this kind of weather and the addition of spandex to women's line of clothes has my, um, heart, um, pounding.
2) Today is World Sleep Day. Billions snore their approval.
3) This is weird: YouTube accuses Viacom of secretly uploading videos to the site while complaining about pirated videos. Assuming it's true, it's a pretty ineffective marketing scheme, since I hadn't heard they were making a big stink about it. But hey, maybe it's better than nothing.
4) He made a fine wine, too. I always got him confused with the LA Dodgers first baseman Wes Parker, who is still alive, as far as I know.
5) By the way, when you reach 85, unless you've been shot or died in an accident, ANY death is of natural causes. Sorry. You've lived a full life, no need to go blaming someone else.
6) I wonder if Hillary Clinton has to bite her tongue hard when dealing with the Israelis and Palestinians? After all, these are issues her husband worked on, nearly twenty years ago. Children mature faster than these two idiotic people. And I don't mean her and President Obama.
7) Note to Dems: Kick ass, take names.
8) I sort of feel for Rick Lazio. First, he was the substitute punching bag for Rudy Giuliani in 2000 against Hillary Clinton, and got his clock cleaned. His misogyny and near-assault of Clinton during a debate didn't help him. Now he had a clear field to run for Governor of New York, presumably against Andrew Cuomo, and here comes another Democrat, Steve Levy of Suffolk County, switching parties and almost immediately getting the party endorsement. I feel for him...but not that much!
9) He shot the deputy, but did not shoot the sheriff.
10) Finally, a new Shakespeare play has been discovered. OK, not so new, cuz, you know, 17th Century and all, and not so much discovered, since it was first performed in the 18th Century, but it looks like it might be verified as real.