Friday, April 23, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) I hope President Obama considered this when he approved more off-shore drilling. Wait, of course he did! That's why he only approved it off the shores of red states!
2) It looks like England has mimicked us once again: Find a charismatic young candidate, then let the old conservatives make up shit about him.
3) Good luck with that, Blago!
4) I have neither seen nor read about Obama's speech to bankers yesterday, but he must have promised he'd let them use Vaseline  the next time they want to screw us.
5) Those were NOT the deposits and assets you were supposed to keep an eye on, you idiots!
6) You might not be aware of the latest YouTube kerfuffle which centers around spoofs using a clip of a film about Hitler called "Downfall". Some of them are really very clever. Here's the last one (h/t Sean Paul Kelley)
7) Grow your own solar panels! Note: You'll need Silicon Tetrachloride gas, a laser, a taco converter, and a steady hand.
8) If you have friends in Bolivia, I'll take a million cases, please.
10) Toys you probably won't want to buy for your children (but may want for yourself, you dirty little minx!)