Friday, April 30, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) North America enjoyed its warmest April on record. This is after the northeast suffered through its rainiest March on record, and the continent enjoyed its warmest January on record. Weather extremes...I'd say it's a sign of global warming, but that's not "settled science", according to the little fraidycats of the right wing. Hope they enjoy drowning in their own hubris. Pity they have to take the rest of us down with them. By the way, that Oregon Petition, that supposedly has 20,000 scientists signed on for? Only 9, count 'em, nine of those scientists have advanced degrees in anything close to climatology and all nine of those are on advisory boards to Big Oil companies.
2) It's good that Hillary Clinton reaffirmed this. It's important that Israel understand that the relationship between us and them is more like a parent to an obnoxious teenager than equal partners. We won't abandon them, but we will make them grow up a little.
3) Charlie Crist comes an independent.
4) I'll be curious to see how many in his party and in the Teabaggers call him a RINO...cuz, you know, The Terminator and all that. It's intriguing to see that even for deeply partisan political hacks, celebrity cuts you an awful lot of slack.
5) Would you want to know your entire genome for $1,000? I've registered with a few places that will, as discoveries are made, alert you to whether you should be concerned about a particular genetic disorder or predisposition (along with several deep genetic studies), so my answer would probably be yes.
6) Life. It's out there. For real.
7) GDP was up 3.2% in the first quarter of 2010.
8) Warren Buffett holds his annual BurningStock stockholders meeting for Berkshire Hathaway this weekend. Truly, this is like Burning Man and Woodstock for investors. By the way, don't blame Buffett for Ben Nelson's idiotic stance on financial reform. It turns out Nelson was more self-interested than protecting his largest teat.
9) The unintelligible praises the, um, unintelligent. It's not so much that Beck is an idiot. He is. But it's that he's completely uninterested in learning anything and passing it along to his audience that most offends me. Broadcast media, by dint of their entree into our most private spaces, have a duty to not only entertain us, but to inform us with facts and logic. Beck, along with most of FOX News, does neither. If I was president, I'd make 'em fix that.
10) If you're in a hit-and-run with a car, and you're driving a plane, you might want to stick around next time, if only for the press coverage.