Friday, July 09, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) I'm not particularly interested in the LeBron James story, except to make a few observations. First, two wars have been waged for nearly a decade now, which received less attention over the entire decade than the James story has received in 2010. Second, if I was LeBron James, I'd hire a bodyguard and petition the NBA to allow him to accompany me onto the court. The spectacle he and his agent have created denigrated his reputation and disrespected the fans in the cities who were vying for him.
That kind of self-indulgent flashiness-- if I were a Knick, say-- would warrant punishment, up to and including a career-ending injury. In short, he's been treated with kid gloves until now because his story was one of those rare touching moments in sport: hometown boy grows up and makes good with his hometown team, he loves his mom, he enjoys the game and rarely seemed to be anything but a big kid at heart.
That ended last night. Keep your enemies close, is my advice.
2)   “Politicians need to understand there are consequences of their actions,”  hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman. True, but then so should hedge fund managers. Greed in the 21st Century is passé.
3) Another example of the poor shouldering more than their fair share of the burden.
4) Sometimes public outcry works.
5) The fastest growing category of mortgage defaults? The rich!
6) Fly-by-night solar plane. This bodes well for the electric car and other battery operated machinery.
7) I think CNN may have overstepped its bounds here. Reporters are allowed to have opinions and some of those opinions may be controversial. This was spineless.
8) The vuvuzela has hit the big time.
10) Finally, Skynet actually became self-aware on June 3, 1980. I guess this explains LeBron James.