Friday, October 22, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) The problem with right wingers is, they stress over problems that were problems fifteen years ago. Clinton "lost" the launch codes? Who cares? His best protection was not to have to launch them in the first place, to be a statesman and not a goddam faux cowboy.
2) Juan Williams can now strip off his mask of civil liberalism,  and be the right-leaning hater he clearly is.
3) Sadly. But it ain't over yet!
4) We begin to understand why Obama cancelled the Bush initiative to go back to the moon. Why keep pumping money into R&D when some private company is merely going to use the information to exploit the resources anyway? We do that in medicine, and yet our healthcare costs keep staggering skyward! That said, I'd buy a piece of the rock.
5) Shorter Eric Cantor: "I know you are, but what am I?"
6) President Obama met with Apple CEO Steve Jobs yesterday. I wonder if Jobs presented him with a new MacBook Air? Obama admits to being a PeeC kinda guy. Another reason I supported Hillary.
7) In the Connecticut Senate race, Linda McMahon had budgeted $50 million, and has spent $40 million already, with less than two weeks to go. She may have to go back to killing off her wrestlers on November 3.
8) There's an irony in this story: Verizon turned down the iPhone initially because the Apple iTunes interface would detract from its fledgling proprietary V-Cast music service. V-Cast is withered away, and Verizon is in talks to bring the iPhone to Verizon (and now has the iPad). AT&T has stolen millions of potential Verizon customers (yours truly included) with the iPhone, despite the superiority of Verizon's networks.
9) Another argument for single payer healthcare in America: fewer terror attacks.
10) Finally, BOOBIES! and how to fix them after mastectomies.