Friday, November 05, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) I'm going to go off format today. I was watching an excellent movie last night The Ghost Writer starring Ewan MacGregor and directed by the shunned Roman Polanski, and I wanted to pass along a recommendation to see it.
The plot is rather intriguing: a former head of state (in this case, British Prime Minister Adam Lang, played by Pierce Brosnan) is working on his memoirs as the International Court at The Hague considers an indictment of war crimes against him. The film is set in contemporary times, of course, and makes allusions to the events of the past decade, particularly waterboarding.
Delicious liberal shadenfreude, right? It gets better. Lang is accused of being an empty suit, an actor thrust on stage, which he was as a college student. MacGregor is his ghostwriter, and is handed a massive manuscript to re-write after the original ghostwriter was found mysteriously dead. The Ghost, as MacGregor refers to himself, is given less than a month (truncated to two weeks) to hand in a re-written and final draft.
He's not allowed to re-write it to his style, however and must follow the draft meticulously.
To tell more would a) put me in the role of movie reviewer and b) probably set up a spoiler. So I won't. I will only say this: when you watch the film the first time, you will not get the ending at all.
Until you wake up the next morning, which is why I'm writing about a movie I watched last night. Remember how it parallels real life? The ending is staggering.
2) Rachel Maddow had a stellar segment on the Teabaggers last night. She and John Hodgman explored the echo chamber of falsehoods in an amusing yet terrifying way. Watch it. It's worth every second of the advertising.
3) Republicans are already walking the dinosaur back while trying to stuff it back into their shorts. Teabagger explosion in
4) Prayers to Haiti. Again.
5) ChaCHING! Thank you, Gov Christie!
6) Yet another profitable bailout, I mean, loan that saved a company from the brink!
7) Lawyer up, cowboy!
8) Can we make KFC's Double Down any nastier? Yes, we can! Now with more poutine!
9) Conservatives! I bet these folks have the lowest taxes on the planet! 
10) I thought they were supposed to be all about honesty?