Friday, November 19, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Best line I heard about the Bristol/Willow Palin antics this week: "They make the Bush twins look like Chelsea Clinton."
2) Y'know, Google puts this stuff in a cache that last FORevah....
3) An article that points out what we're up against. What say you? Herd the twenty percent or so together, and build a big-ass fence around them?
4) Information = energy. Conceivably, this could alter physics as we know it, but it seems an obvious equation. After all, energy has to be conserved, and information has to be conserved. The only question is, in what form? It turns out that matter may hold the key to both.
6) Only Republicans could turn a twenty years to life sentence into an imminent warning about terrorism. Seriously, how paranoid is this country?
7) I assume this was a trial balloon. May this one float.
8) First, CERN produced what for our purposes was a mini Big Bang. Next up, a stream of antimatter. If we can just get world peace and a one world government, and we can have Star Trek!
9) It turns out, all children got left behind...
10) So how did that Arizona anti-Hispanic law work out for them? Well, there were 800,000 fewer undocumented workers in America than in 2008, but that number seems to have levelled off and since the drop happened before the law took effect, it was a combination of the bad American economy and tougher the Federales! So the law wasn't such a big help. Oh, wait, it did drive $140 million in convention business away from the state. Way to go, you dumb fucks!