Thursday, February 17, 2011

Look To The Skies

Well,  a few months ago, I posted about the coming solar maximum (2012) and the havoc that could be wreaked on earth's communications, navigations and even electrical systems.

A whopper of a solar flare that fired up earlier this week is wreaking havoc on some radio communications on Earth, and could spark exceptional auroras soon.

The class X solar flare – the most powerful kind of solar flare – spewed from the sun Monday (Feb. 14), unleashing a massive wave of charged particles speeding toward Earth. Now the flare has triggered a geomagnetic storm in our planet's magnetic field that interrupted radio communications in China and could disrupt satellites and power grids as well, AFP reported.

So if your cell phone is acting up today, for once, it's not AT&T...but tonight? If your skies are clear, just shoot a glance north every so often. It could be worth it!