Friday, April 08, 2011

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Well, it looks like it will go right to the wire, and perhaps beyond. Obama knows he has Boener over a barrell: if Boener doesn't shut it down, the Teabaggers will scream their heads off. If Boener does shut it down, the nation will throw a fit as soon as the first crisis that requires FEMA or the National Guard or something comes up. Watch the spin from the right. This ought to be interesting.
2) Whither Pelosi? Thither. She's been the odd, errr, person out in the budget negotiations precisely because she's basically unnecessary: Boener has the votes in the House, it's the Senate he has to persuade. Pelosi is an adept and smart politician. She's rallying the base.
3) I think Paul Ryan and the GOP will be rethinking their budget proposals. When you lose Iowa and you're a Republican, you've lost the battle.
4) Short answer: No.
5) I don't know that you've been able to follow this story much, but the RNC has threatened to decertify Florida if they hold a primary in February. You know, when Iowa and New Hampshire have traditionally held the spotlight. I hope Florida goes ahead. It will take the extra time for them to fix the vote count. I mean, count the votes.
6) Leave it to Nicholas Kristof to ask the question that we liberals have been asking for weeks. Pity he can't anser it, except in the abstract.
7) We were viciously attacked on September 11, and all the Bush administration could do was give us a rainbow. I won't miss this.
8) Katie bar the door! "Fox & Friends" is out of the asylum again! Nutcases, the whole fucking network.
9) I concur. I think Boener has definitely lost it.
10) Finally, kudos to Judge Vaughan Walker. Not that there's anything wrong with that.