Thursday, June 02, 2011


Tony, Tony, Tony...
No moral judgements from me, but you have to know that this looks bad.
You're a young-ish man. I know there are photos of me floating around that I would not enjoy having published for the world to see, but at the least, I would acknowledge they were mine. I wouldn't spend days poo-pooing a story like Weinergate. I'd be furious they got out. This, what you believed to be a sidelight, ends up now becoming the story.
You could have said "This was a private photo," and left it at that, then refocused the entire investigation on who hacked your account. Instead, you let the other guys control the dialogue over the photo itself.
The implication being, there's worse out there to come. Daily News columnist Michael Daly sums it up nicely: " How can a guy be so sure about big, complicated, issues such as national debt if he can't be certain whether that's a photo of his crotch?...Maybe the owner of that bulge is not just a liar, he's also embarrassed."
Which is precisely how they have you by the balls.
Err, no pun intended.
Swing away, dude. Call in the cops. Call in the FBI. Let's protect the next human being who might arouse (again, no pun intended) their ire.