Tuesday, September 06, 2011

More Moore, More

During the 2008 election run-up, Michael Moore was avidly pro-Obama.
I mention that because I am considered by many to be even more liberal than Moore (I don't own a gun, for example) and supported Hillary Clinton, a fact I get reminded of from time to time.
On Labor Day (in what has to be a beautiful piece of programming), one of the movie channels played Capitalism: A Love Story, which got me thinking: How does Moore feel about Obama now?
“I don’t understand why he’s chosen the path he’s chosen, why he did not come in fighting for the working people of this country,” Moore tells Newsweek. “He could have been a great president. He could have pulled us back from the abyss.” Instead, “he came in more as Neville Chamberlain, wanting to appease Republicans.” Moore hasn’t even decided whether he’ll vote for Obama again in 2012; he likes Jon Huntsman on the Republican side, saying “it’s crazy time over there” and Huntsman is the only “sane candidate.” “If the Republicans were smart, they would nominate [him].”
Wow. Maybe it is surprising.